Polycom RealPresence Desktop Solutions: Desktop Video Conferencing

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Imagine being able to meet face to face with remote colleagues, partners, and customers, without leaving your desk. Polycom RealPresence Desktop Solutions deliver easy-to-use HD video conferencing, voice, and content collaboration to individuals at all levels of the organization.

Perhaps you're brainstorming with global teams. Attending remote board meetings. Or perhaps you are managing a crisis, teaching a class, evaluating a patient or troubleshooting a plant-floor issue.

Polycom RealPresence Desktop Solutions bring the power of high-definition, face-to-face communications to your personal workspace, whether they are in the office, at home, or on the go.

  • Experience high-quality video and content-sharing plus Web-like ease of use at your desktop. Just type in the number and connect.
  • Collaborate with anyone across any network, protocol, application, or device with Polycom interoperable technology based on open industry standards.
  • Achieve ROI quickly. Polycom video collaboration is easy to use within daily workflows, so more users adopt it more quickly. Productivity increases and the costs and time associated with your staff traveling to meetings decline.

Deliver the best video collaboration experience to every user, every time, regardless of their location, environment or network. With Polycom RealPresence Desktop Solutions, users have the flexibility to meet face to face with colleagues, partners, and clients from their desktop/personal workspace–in the office, at home, or on the go. All Polycom solutions are easy to use, which means you don't need to seek IT support–you just need to touch the keys.

Powered by the Polycom RealPresence Platform, RealPresence Desktop Solutions deliver a consistently great experience to users whether they are in the heart of your headquarters, on your enterprise video network, or on the move a thousand miles away. Offering flexibility for users, and centralized control and reporting capabilities for IT staff, our desktop solutions represent the best of both worlds.

  • Benefit from Polycom's patented Constant Clarity technology, which delivers the best collaboration experience by ensuring the industry's highest audio quality...even when packet loss on the network is as high as 80%.
  • Simplify dialing with a single call number when your desktop system is powered by the Polycom RealPresence Platform
  • Reduce training costs through advanced IT configuration which simplifies setup and enables you to place video calls with one click

Today, you're in the office. Tomorrow, you're traveling. This weekend, you're working from home. Being productive in today's wired world means being able to meet face to face from wherever you are, at any time.

Polycom RealPresence desktop solutions conveniently connect you to HD video, voice, or content collaboration—whether you are in a routine sales meeting, on a customer call, or on a crisis-response team. You are more responsive, more productive, and better equipped to build stronger relationships with your colleagues, partners, and customers.

  • Connect with the simplicity of making a phone call thanks to our intuitive interfaces
  • Hear every word and see every expression with high-definition audio and video
  • Achieve high performance even with low bandwidth, because Polycom video solutions consume up to 50% less network bandwidth than alternative video solutions and apply effective load balancing

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CMA Desktop

La solución de escritorio CMA de Polycom es un software integral de videocolaboración para empresas.

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