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For Align Technology, Video Collaboration Makes it Easy to Go Global

More than 1.5 million people in 45 countries have improved their smiles – and their confidence – with the Invisalign system of invisible orthodontics from Align Technology. The company's clear aligners are prescribed by more than 25,000 orthodontists and dentists worldwide, many of whom use Align's sophisticated iTero Intra-oral Scanners to create accurate 3D digital models of their patients' teeth and gums.

Though its success is firmly rooted in the present, Align is always looking toward what's next. The San Jose, Calif.-based company has built a global business around best practices that define the future of work, such as virtual modeling, rapid manufacturing, and mass customization.  And increasingly, Align is relying on another best practice that saves time, speeds decision making, improves productivity on the road, and keeps the company competitive: video collaboration.

"Video collaboration is part of the core of the business here at Align," says Samuel Blanco, managing director of Align's software quality team. "It's part of the culture."

Blanco says the ability to collaborate face-to-face using Polycom solutions is more than just a convenience for Align's globally distributed organization of more than 3,100 employees. "We have businesses all over the world, so it's imperative that our mission critical systems are up 24/7," he notes. "Video collaboration ensures we maintain that goal by keeping everybody in sync. And if we do have issues, we're able to deal with them quickly and effectively without impacting our customers."

Using conference rooms equipped with multiple displays and high-definition cameras, engineers in the United States, the Netherlands, and elsewhere share interactive 3D models, examine and annotate renderings, and discuss manufacturing processes in a completely interactive, lifelike setting. "Polycom allows us to connect all those different sites real time, and see their expressions. We're able to deal and talk directly, live. That's an option that just wasn't available before Polycom came into Align."

Even when visiting Align sites overseas, Blanco and his colleagues can remain productive with mobile video collaboration software installed on tablets and smart phones. "From my hotel, at all hours of the night, when it's still daytime here in San Jose, I can participate in video meetings by going mobile.

The fast-moving company sees video collaboration as a lynchpin in its growth and market leadership. "Polycom definitely gives Align a competitive advantage," says Blanco. "It allows us to make decisions quicker, faster, more efficiently. It's made a huge difference for us."

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