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  • AZ Sint-Jan Brugge Hospital:
  • Enhances patient care and welfare,
  • provides on-demand access to scarce expertise
  • Accelerates diagnoses
  • Saves lives
  • Improves communication
  • Reduces travel costs
  • Improves collaboration

AZ Sint-Jan Brugge Hospital Offers Innovative Care with Real-Time Image-Guided Surgery through Polycom Video Collaboration Solutions.

AZ Sint-Jan Brugge Hospital (Belgium) has equipped five new state-of-the-art digital operating rooms with secure, Polycom RealPresence video collaboration solutions. As a result, Polycom video collaboration technology enables surgical staff to consult on live medical operations via two-way multipoint telemedicine links and utilise live medical operations for real-time training. The hospital created the ‘digital operating room project’ when it first started working with Polycom in January 2012, as an initiative to offer consultants and patients the very best and latest in digital technology, whilst providing the highest quality patient care.

AZ Sint-Jan is the main campus in Brugge, and today has five new digital operating rooms, with plans to extend to 18 in the future. Incorporating Polycom RealPresence Room video solutions (Polycom HDX 8000), the operating rooms go beyond facilitating and improving surgical procedures through the use of HD image-assisted and minimally invasive surgery regardless of location and enable medical know-how and skills to be transferred between operating rooms in real time. The assistance of high definition (HD) video conferencing enables better image quality in endoscopy and other surgery, as well as in the operating theatre.

The use of multipoint telemedicine links between operating theatres within the hospital now allows surgical staff to consult on multiple surgical procedures without the need to waste valuable time changing and re-sterilising to move between theatres. Videos and images of surgeries are shared between rooms for instant collaboration and multiple video sources can be displayed in operating rooms. Image quality is critical when showing live surgery to another surgeon, and the high-resolution cameras make it possible to share the smallest of details.

In addition, Polycom’s executive desktop solution (Polycom HDX 4500) and RealPresence Desktop 2.0 for tablets and smartphones, help surgeons outside of the operating rooms communicate with assistants in several operating rooms simultaneously to follow up on other operations without the need to be physically present in the room. With a distributed workforce, the hospital also sought to improve communication internally and externally whilst decreasing the amount of travel its staff of more than 2,100 undertakes between campuses. Utilising video collaboration enables the Hospital to reduce its travel costs enabling medical professionals to collaborate on live surgery, endoscopic imaging and training.

The new video collaboration and digital operating room solutions provide surgeons with information at their fingertips and are powered by Polycom RealPresence Platform, the most comprehensive and interoperable software infrastructure for universal video collaboration. The use of video recording and archiving for training has improved the knowledgebase of physicians, improved the workflow in the operating room and enabled more people to be trained.

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