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China Daily Builds a Window to the World

For 30 years, the West has learned much about China from reading China Daily. As the country's only national English-language newspaper, China Daily is an important source of understanding about this global economic and political superpower. Two-thirds of its 900,000 readers are government officials, think tank analysts, policy makers, and corporate executives located in 150 countries. It's the only Chinese media outlet to be viewed by the international community as a mainstream source of news.

In an increasingly competitive media industry, however, China Daily's editors know they can’t stand still. To streamline its global editorial production – and to connect its Beijing headquarters with major offices in London, New York, and Hong Kong – the company relies on real-time, high-definition video collaboration.

Editors across the world now can exchange breaking news, discuss editorial plans, and mark up and modify articles and layouts – all in an interactive, face-to-face environment. Using video-equipped conference rooms, desktop computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones, China Daily staffers now can arrive at decisions sooner and retain their competitive edge by reporting news as it happens.

Using Polycom RealPresence CloudAXIS, the company enables virtually anyone with a browser-equipped device to join planning meetings at any time and from any location. Editors also make daily use of Polycom People + Content to share remarks and modifications to photos, videos, and other content, and the company’s human resources department turns to interactive video to remotely interview candidates and to train them once they’re hired.

Face-to-face video is also transforming how China Daily reporters gather news by giving them the ability to interview anyone over CloudAXIS – a game-changing capability that dissolves the barriers of time and distance, and puts the newspaper’s content creators at the forefront of timely reporting.

In a world growing ever more connected, China Daily is showing other companies how to tear down age-old barriers to create a truly global presence. "We are a window to introduce China to the world," notes Gan Yongqing, director of IT at China Daily. "This means we must pay close attention to constructing and maintaining a well-functioning video collaboration system."

Learn more about Polycom RealPresence CloudAXIS here.

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