Jeollanam-do Province

At a Glance

  • Enhanced productivity and collaboration
  • Rapid distribution of information
  • Reduction in travel decreased carbon emissions
  • Aided compliance with the Green Growth Policy
  • Improved delivery of public services

Korea’s largest video conferencing network created to protect citizens, green initiatives.

Korean province creates the country’s largest video conferencing network to protect its island remote citizens and green initiatives.


In 2007, Jeollanam-do province implemented a video conferencing system between the Jeollanam-do municipal government offi ces and its regional offi ces through the nationwide Video  Telecommunications Network Establishment Project, initiated by the Ministry of Public Administration and Security (MOPAS). Jeollanam-do province deployed Polycom’s HD video solutions to promote closer communication and information sharing amongst its dispersed communities and to enable faster response times to natural disasters.

The deployment is part of the Jeollanam-do’s commitment to promote an environmentally sustainable future and establish an abundant ‘green land’, by boosting regional investment and leading ‘green growth’ industries. The Jeollanam-do province’s objectives for 2010 include the balanced development of each region within the province, the expansion of social overhead capital, the fostering of future industries and the improvement of the welfare of its citizens. It is also focusing on key projects such as the expansion of a future growth engine for continual progression, promoting regional competitiveness through hosting international sporting events such as the F1, and leaping ahead to become the hub of the maritime economy in Northeast Asia.

Prompt Communication and Information Sharing with Remote Teams

Jeollanam-do is comprised of 2,000 islands, which make up over 60 percent of all the islands in Korea. With so many dispersed teams, it was important for the regional government to establish a working system that allowed for prompt communication and allocation of information between the islands, and for rapid response to accidents and natural disasters.

“Jeollanam-do province urgently needed to introduce a video conferencing system for the efficient management of its provincial governments,” said Younghak Lee, a telecommunications official in the Jeollanam-do Government IT Department.

“We decided to use the Polycom solution, as it enabled us to utilise a host of high-quality, flexible applications that delivered exceptional performance and stability. As a result, we were able to establish a video conferencing network that allowed us to more effectively connect the islands  and remote areas together,” he added.

Initially, Jeollanam-do province used the video conferencing system for administrative purposes and high-level conferences with colleagues from MOPAS. However, the province soon discovered the need for greater collaboration between dispersed colleagues and closer information sharing amongst the regional offices, particularly when responding to emergency situations. With the video network in place, public officials can initiate a rapid response in an emergency wherever they may be located, which has helped to accelerate decision-making and enhance overall productivity and workflow efficiency.

Establishing Korea’s Largest Video Conferencing System

The project, which is part of Korea’s e-Government Network Service, is one of the largest video conferencing networks in Korea, connecting 22 cities and 295 regional offices. The Jeollanam-do province has also become the first local government to establish a region-wide video conferencing system. In total, the local government implemented 295 Polycom HDX 6000 room telepresence units and 23 Multipoint Conferencing Units (MCUs), which are supported by Korea Telecom (KT). Partners KT Networks and Sovico were also active participants in the project.

In November 2009, the regional government took the step to upgrade the initial standard-definition units to high-definition, providing a much smoother and crisper image, and superior stability and reliability. The upgrade resulted in a substantial improvement in work efficiency and overall productivity and satisfaction levels of public officials and citizens, symbolising a significant milestone for the government, in that, an effective infrastructure had been established that could offer tangible benefits to the citizens of the province.

“The new video conferencing system is imperative for Jeollanam-do province, which has more islands than any other province in Korea. In order to offer tangible benefits to our citizens, we will expand the video conferencing network into areas of health and welfare as well as being able to provide more support to the local farming and fishing communities,” said Youngchul Song, head of the Jeollanam-do Government Planning Coordination Office.

Powering Green Initiatives

Since the deployment of the video conferencing network, the Jeollanam-do province has been able to substantially reduce its carbon emissions, as well as contribute to environmentally sustainable initiatives to power a brighter and greener future. As a result, the province is now 100 percent compliant with the Korean government’s Low Carbon Green Growth Policy, and its network has become the driving force behind the Green Growth Policy for Jeollanam-do.

Next Steps

Looking to the future, the Jeollanam-do province will continue to improve the delivery and quality of public services to promote government responsiveness and enhance citizen satisfaction; whilst also enforcing its rapid response capabilities during emergency situations to ensure the continuity of government in all situations. Moreover, the province will work to improve health and welfare services, by enabling patients’ easier access to doctors for check-ups and consultations, in addition to promoting itself as a role model for being the first regional government to establish a comprehensive video conferencing network that complies with the Korean government’s Green Growth Policy.

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