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Real-Time Collaboration Fosters Peace and Security

Little is more critical than great communications when maintaining global peace. In a connected world, the powers tasked with defending it need to be one step ahead of those who challenge the fragile balance.

NATO (the North Atlantic Treaty Organization) relies on collaborative solutions to ensure that its ongoing mission to maintain peace is facilitated by the latest tools.

“Secure collaboration is mission critical at NATO,” said Gus Mommers, branch head content management system (CMS) at NATO Communications and Information Agency (NCI). “Time, resources and strategy are of the essence, and this means needing to connect immediately.”

Polycom brings to the table its combination of video, voice, and content management solutions in an immersive room environment. The trio solutions are enhanced by secure military communications solutions to allow real-time face-to-face contact for mission critical interfaces. As a result, NATO can use these technologies during situations ranging from diplomatic relations to humanitarian crisis intervention.

The streamlined suite also enhances the daily collaborations that facilitate training, readiness, and preparation for the challenges NATO encounters around the globe.

“We applaud NATO for valuing the power of video collaboration and content sharing, which improves productivity and efficiency, leading to faster problem solving and decision making,” said Barry Morris, President of Public Sector at Polycom.

To coin the old adage–the best offense is a good defense–Polycom’s partnership with NATO fosters communications that connect people with the goal of preserving a shared peace.

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