North-East Federal University

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  • Increased collaboration and information sharing
  • Broadcasted lectures and medical information
  • Raised educational and health standards

Video conferencing aids remote Russian university in expanding medical education programs and provide isolated patient care.

Video conferencing by remote Russian university overcomes logistic and location problems to expand its medical education programs and create crucial healthcare outreach to widely dispersed and isolated patients.


Specialising in the fields of science, energy, engineering, geology and medicine, North- East Federal University in the Northeast of Russia is faced with unique logistics problems involving infrastructure and weather. This is one of the most remote and least hospitable regions on the planet where winter temperatures of minus 50ºC are not uncommon and roads wind endlessly across thousands of miles of arid landscape.

With its main campus in Yakutsk and affiliate universities in far-off Nerungri and Mirny, North-East Federal University strives to communicate with its widely-dispersed student and expert population. Furthermore, some affiliate hospitals within the region can only be reached by helicopter or only after a week of arduous driving.

Against this backdrop, the university has the challenge of optimising its resources and strengthening links to other educational institutions throughout the vast region in order to continue delivering innovative educational services.

The telemedicine initiative

In 2009, the university decided to strengthen the educational services of its medical faculty with a telemedicine initiative based on video conferencing as a solution that would help overcome the logistics of disseminating information and education in such conditions. Its purpose would be to provide remote students with the opportunity to undertake distance learning, to remotely attend surgeries, to communicate with medical practitioners as well as provide physicians with the opportunity to consult with colleagues and patients of district health facilities.

Sergei Fedotov, Head of Information Technology Adoption and Innovation Administration, North-East Federal University conferred with CROC. CROC is a leading Russian IT infrastructure specialist and system integrator as well as a Polycom Platinum Partner with wide experience establishing networks throughout the region. Anatoly Alekseev, President, North-East Federal University is proud of the program, and says : “The Polycom video conference implementation is very important to us as it allows us to communicate in real time with our affiliates in the cities of Mirny and Neryungri. He adds : “thanks to the Polycom solution, we are now able to implement our telemedicine project. This means many patients in very remote and small areas can now receive professional medical treatment using the system. In addition, our colleagues can use the system to communicate with their peers from universities around the globe”.

An award winning Polycom deployment

CROC deployed a PlascoIP data network linking the university with hospitals, surgeries, associate universities and the outside world. The system integrator based its collaborative communication solution on a network of Polycom HDX room telepresence solutions at its Yakutsk campus and as endpoints throughout the region.

Sergey Fedotov, Head of Information Technology Adoption and Innovation Administration, North-East Federal University tells us: ”During the IT project implementation (as part of the university’s ‘Innovation in Education’ program) we managed to considerably automate the university’s educational, facility management, administrative, and business processes. Thanks to communication with our partners from CROC, the professionalism of our IT department increased dramatically. In 2010, the Russian IT Leader Prize Expert Council recognized us as the best university among Russian higher education institutions”.

The Polycom solution

The video conferencing equipment installed in the dedicated suite at the Yakutsk campus involved a Polycom HDX 8000 system. This high-end, dual-screen room telepresence system delivers Polycom UltimateHD technology for exceptional high definition audio and video performance in conference rooms, classrooms and meeting rooms.

Polycom VSX 3000 video conferencing endpoints featuring Polycom VSX People On Content collaboration technology provided a versatile, high quality desktop solution at the further ends of the network. With this configuration in place, users could collaborate more effectively and productively by sharing documents, presentations and images direct from their desktop.

A world of possibilities

For users at North-East Federal University, the Polycom solution opened up a whole world of possibilities and enabled collaboration with colleagues throughout the region and the rest of the world.

Valery Syromyatnikov, Vice-Chancellor for Information Technology Adoption and Innovation, North-East Federal University looks forward and says: “The new Federal University’s mission is to improve the quality of professional education throughout the Northeast region of the Russian Federation. Effective improvement in information technologies and IT infrastructure in order to meet new targets and objectives is a critical component of the Federal University’s development program. We have already implemented a solution within the ‘Innovation in Education’ program. The solution was provided by CROC and, in my opinion, is ideal for helping us to increase the quality of education within remote affiliates and to further develop the new Federal University’s IT infrastructure”.

A breakthrough user experience

Thanks to the Polycom equipment, students and professors at the university are now able to confer immediately with doctors and surgeons at Ulus hospitals – exchanging vital information and facilitating the remote learning mandate challenging the university.

Huge progress

North-East Federal University is very pleased with its new collaborative solution. Fedotov and his colleagues are impressed with the functionality and ease-of-use of the Polycom equipment and the support offered through Polycom Platinum Partner, CROC.

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