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  • Enhanced interviews and recruitment
  • Met executive demand for top end telepresence
  • Enthusiastic acceptance of the immersive video
  • Saved costs, reduced stress and travel

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For Scor, Polycom RealAccess is like a crystal ball!

At SCOR, video conferencing is the pillar of all communications and collaboration. Everyone around the globe uses this service everyday. For the global reinsurance company that operates with an original organisation structure based on hubs, the ability to collaborate visually and share documents, is now impossible to live without.

It can be a daunting task to properly manage a complex and constantly expanding unified communication (UC) and collaboration environment, while simultaneously tracking system performance and supporting end users. The IT department, and specifically, Laurent Chartier, Global IT Building Manager, has responsibility for all worldwide UC and Polycom solutions. For Chartier, the Polycom RealAccess services delivery platform arrived just in time. As Chartier tells us "RealAccess is like having a crystal ball telling you what is happening with every solution deployed. This helps you know where to make your next investments, and maintain an optimal level of service all users expect."

RealAccess allows Chartier and his team to see which video endpoints are used the most, and how they are being used. At a glance, he can see how many video calls are point to point, and how many are multi-point. RealAccess can provide insight on bridge utilisation and capacity, and how the video-enabled meetings rooms are used. This important information helps him decide whether it is best to expand the capacity of the video bridges and or to add an additional meeting rooms.

To help ease operations, and keep the Polycom solutions running smoothly, RealAccess can detect errors and and quickly send him an alert if something goes wrong which results in faster remediation and more uptime. At the click of a mouse RealAccess also tells him what version of software a particular endpoint is running, which version is recommended by Polycom, and helps him keep the ever-growing investment in Polycom available and reliable. By understanding the utilisation pattern, current and recommended configurations and other important analytic information. Chartier is able to make more informed decisions on how best to enhance the collaborative environment at Scor. The detailed information enables him to demonstrate to the stakeholders such as his finance department the importance of new investments.

"Our work force is extremely demanding when it comes to their collaboration tools. The solution needs to work perfectly each and every time. RealAccess helps me and my team gain insight into all our video assets and insure all are working smoothly everywhere," continues Chartier.

Scor operates openly and freely. There are no boundaries, ideas flow from office to office, issues and problems are resolved quickly and efficiently and productivity soars. The IT department takes great pride in delivering the tools that help the company defy distance by giving each employee the possibility to join any meeting from anywhere, on any device. For Scor the workplace of the future is now.

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