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  • Voice and video services
  • Hybrid of hosted services
  • Fosters communications strategy without complexity


Small-to-medium-based businesses (SMBs) are confronting a variety of challenges as they ramp up their video services capabilities for a mobile workforce. High entry costs for infrastructure, increasing IT specialization, and the need for more support for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) workers is inspiring companies to look outside for solutions. In turn, service providers are equipped to meet these needs and grow their base and average revenue per user.

“Our mission is to unify and simplify the way you work,” says Dave Gilbert, CEO of California-based SimpleSignal, a unified communications and collaboration provider. “And wherever there is voice, there should be video.”

SimpleSignal’s goal is to make communications easy, and leave the features – upwards of 500 on some devices – to someone else. Partnering with Polycom and Microsoft, SimpleSignal has become a strategy partner to its customers. Polycom’s flexible, carrier-grade platform allows SimpleSignal to deliver multi-party video collaboration and hosted video infrastructure that is interoperable and intuitive.

“The beauty of our value proposition is there is nothing to maintain outside of the endpoint,” Gilbert said. “Cellular, software, or traditional hardware devices – we provide hybrids to help customers simplify the way they collaborate.”

Enter Lucas Salvage, vice president of business development for Virginia Beach-based Oncall Telecom. An agent for telecommunications services, Oncall Telecom has over 45 vendors offering voice and video services to its clientele. SimpleSignal, Salvage explained, fills a void by providing a continuum of hosted services “to the left on the pricing spectrum and the right on superior delivery and performance.” Salvage approached a potential new client with 80 users, deploying a wide swath of devices. “I did the demonstration and absolutely blew them away,” he said. “They were able to increase their technology and maintain costs, importing mobility onto their iPads, iPhones and Androids, as well as desktop units. It was a perfect solution to their needs.” 

The previous barrier to video for small-to-medium based businesses was a reluctance to invest in an executive voice conferencing suite. Now, with providers like SimpleSignal offering the highest quality platform, and agents like Oncall Telecom offering the service, the end user has a gamut of voice plus video choices to allow them to play strategically at the highest level.

“Work is not a place anymore. It is something you do,” said SimpleSignal’s Dave Gilbert. “People love our technology because it makes their business run better. They can work any time, anywhere. We understand their process and with the use of video, we make it better.”

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