Servicios de asistencia al cliente de Polycom

Obtenga opciones de asistencia al cliente que van desde actualizaciones de software y asistencia técnica hasta personal específico asignado a su empresa. Nuestras opciones de valor agregado garantizan que su solución funcione a la perfección, sea veloz y que sea de fácil acceso.

Polycom offers a breadth of services to help customers maximize their collaboration investments. Working directly with customers or with our partners to jointly deliver services, Polycom Services portfolio allows for an end-to-end delivery of services designed to plan, deploy, support, operate and manage video collaboration solutions.

  • Polycom Advantage Service
    For large or growing organizations, Polycom Advantage Service is the first step to solving those challenges. Advantage Service provides a self-service approach to increasing end user adoption of your video investment, valuable and actionable information on the status and utilization of your collaboration solution, and faster time to problem resolution.
  • Polycom Elite Service
    Polycom Elite Service delivers a holistic support strategy for optimizing the performance of your solution and increasing your return on investment. Elite Service is a proactive, high-touch service that helps you manage your Polycom environment around the world. It provides resources for managing your day-to-day technical requests. And, it keeps an eye on your Polycom investment.
  • Polycom ImmersiveCare Support
    When Polycom and our partners support your environment, we help you maximize your company’s use of immersive telepresence by delivering optimal uptime. That helps you earn a return on your investment (ROI) more quickly. Since immersive telepresence customers span geographical boundaries, you need access in all of your locations to expertise that can deliver consistent and efficient support. Polycom ImmersiveCare Support eliminates the potential over-extension of your internal resources by providing you with access to unlimited technical support.
  • Polycom Premier Support
    Polycom Premier Support is our entry-level service offering. It enhances your in-house resources with conferencing technical experts who are available to support your video collaboration usage. Polycom Premier Support is the right level of support for those businesses that have a technical staff that can address most connection challenges. As a result, they do not have a same-day need for problem resolution or technical support.
  • Premier Software Only
    Polycom offers comprehensive support services for all our Video solutions, and as we release our software only solutions, we are introducing a new software support strategy. Premier Software is the support service to complement these products. Premier software support enhances the basic manufacturers 90 day software warranty to a full year of cover.
  • Polycom Resident Technical Service
    The Polycom Resident Technical Service eliminates any potential strain on your internal resources by providing you with a Polycom resident technician, who is available up to 40 hours per week for a specified term. Located at your designated site or facility, this resident engineer is also available to travel to other sites, subject to your Polycom agreement.

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